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March 12    Preparation Period and resource development

March 25    Staff Meeting

April 01      Distribute flyers to community agencies, churches,                                                      apartment complexes, libraries, newspapers and         

                  other public/private organizations. Publicize on     

                  Social Media.

April 10     Solicit business partners and contact speakers for

                  training workshops. Revise and develop training

                  material and activities. 

April 1-19   Application pick-up at administrative office at       

                   Faith Temple and other designated locations.

April 22     Deadline to return application by 5:00 pm.

May 7-10   4:00p-6:30p Interviews at Faith Temple.

May 16       Partners letter mailed with names of assigned youth.

May 20      Acceptance/denial letters mailed.

June 3      Mandatory orientation for participants, parent(s) and or guardian(s) 

June 12    Staff Meeting           


June 12-14   Students will participate in a mandatory training workshops focusing on                       job readiness and life skills. 

June 17-July 22 Youth report to assigned worksites. Administrative                                                        monitoring of students, staff and worksites for compliance with                                    standards.


June 19      Closed

July 4        Closed 

July 29-August 16 Administrative review, follow-up and program evaluation 

September1      Submit Final report to the City of Pompano



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