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Mission Statement

The purpose of the program is to introduce youth to the world of work and to provide job training and mentoring support services focusing on the "soft skills" necessary for a successful work experience.


The New Horizon Community Development Corporation, Inc. (NHCDC) is a 501c (3) non-profit organization which has been in existence since 1997. The corporation is a certified Small Business Enterprise and has a Consumer's Certificate of Exemption. NHCDC has an operated a summer camp, tutoring, mentoring, and other positive programs for children and their families. NHCDC has operated the Summer Youth Program (SYETP) since the summer of 2015. 


The Summer Youth Empowerment Training (SYETP) is an eight (8) week summer employment opportunity for youth between the ages of 13 to 15 residing in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida. Youth are selected through an interview process and assigned to various businesses in Pompano Beach for three (3) days per week and attend mandatory training each Monday. SYETP provides workshops on job readiness skills, career exploration, financial literacy, business etiquette, communications skills and other topics to enhance overall self-awareness and development as productive citizens.

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For More Information Contact:

Bessie Showers

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Kotella Walker

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